How well do you know us??

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0. Which unusual habit do Robin and Illie share?
sporadic neck twitching
pencil twirling
sniffing dry erase markers
knuckle cracking
1. Robin and Illie are respectively...
Cannibal and Cannibalized
Pesco Vegetarian and Lacto Vegetarian
Vegetarian and Pollo Vegan
Vegan and Pesco Lacto Ovo Vegetarian
2. Where were we raised?
Los Alamitos and Upland
Los Alamos and Upland
The Alamo and Downland
The Shire and Mordor
3. What are our artist talents?
Dancing and Music
Visual Arts and Acting
Music and Poetry
Visual Arts and Music
4. When do Illie and Robin take showers?
Both at night
Morning and night
Exactly at 7:53pm everyday
5. Where do Robin and Illie plan to live after they get married?
Bay Area
6. We have exactly the same...
waist size
SAT scores
number of cavities