Vacation to the Pacific Northwest

First week of June was a vacation to the Pacific Northwest to visit my brother in law in Portland. We then stayed three nights at Paradise Inn in Mt Rainier, and then the weekend in Seattle where we stayed with Maz and saw Illie’s high school best friends Erin and Chris. Illie and I are really in love with the Pacific Northwest, and if it weren’t for family in Southern California there would be no doubt that we would move up there. It is so green, alive, and beautiful, and the cloudy/misty/cool climate is perfect for us. I went running in the suburbs of Hillsboro, and due to the perfect running temperature (cloudy, low 50s), a brisk low 7 min/mile pace felt strangely easy. That’s compared to the same effort at high 7 min/mile pace in Southern California. I ran with Illie’s cousin, then with a Malaysian intern from Mt Rainier I met, and then with Erin and Chris. Before the vacation, I had felt burnt out at work, and I came back from the vacation refreshed, well rested and happier.

I felt like Ruby’s development was noticeable during the trip, especially since I was spending more time with her and not away at work. She’s becoming more verbal and blabbing more – some of her favorite sounds are “daht”, “baht”, and “bahf”. She’s starting to associate “ma” with Illie and starting to say “ba” but she doesn’t use them to directly address us. Her understanding of our Taiwanese has improved and we’re starting to speak to her more as a child than as a baby. She’s also a lot more stable walking now, and has started to run.

Staying with Maz and Hwayoung was great because they have a 6 and 3 year old that Ruby is especially curious about. Ruby was very curious about their toys, and especially liked following the 6 year old around. With those kids, we as parents felt like it was okay to not keep an eye on Ruby all the time, and it was relaxing. Also, staying with parents made it a lot easier to care for Ruby because everything we needed was there, the house was already child proof, and any kind of mess we made was the norm. That was probably the highlight of the trip, along with recounting college memories from a decade ago.

Spoonfeeding her has become almost impossible, especially when she doesn’t nap enough. She’s figured out our tricks and is adamant about doing things herself instead of having things done for her. But her ability to self feed has improved, though not as much as we’d like. Illie has constantly been trying to fatten her up, and we’ve tried to give her lots of puree with high fat/caloric content, but to our dismay she doesn’t like carbs and protein very much. Yesterday night Illie and I observed that lately her food preferences, in adult terms really makes her a "health nut". She loves fruit, especially steamed apples, oranges, and strawberries. She also loves vegetables such as chickpeas, onions, peppers, and black olives. She absolutely loves drinking plain water and dislikes milk and juice. She’ll eat rice and tofu. The only meat that she’ll eat is fish, and she doesn’t like beef, potatoes, cookies, cake, or any kind of junk food. Is this common for kids this age? I hope she carries these tastes through adulthood.

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  1. Heh–I still don’t like eating sweets much, I find donuts and frosting kind of gross, and I believe firmly that it’s because my mother didn’t feed them to me much when I was young. I mean, fruit is plenty sweet enough!

    Does she eat Japanese sweet potato? (Purple outside, yellowish white inside.) More protein and less carb than orange-colored sweet potato or any “standard” potato…. I boil them, but they can be wrapped whole in foil and baked instead.

  2. I dont’ think we’ve given Ruby any of the purple sweet potato recently, maybe when she first started solids. We can try it again. that’s a great idea – thanks!

  3. Nate isn’t a fan of red meat and starchy foods, either, but he loves sushi. Especially the expensive cuts. :[

  4. @sharon: Ruby didn’t take to the Japanese sweet potato 🙁 The other day she was on a shiitake mushroom/spiced soybeans eating spree, but rejected everything else. Seems like her acceptance of new foods lasts about two days, and then we have to find something else new.

    @ben: sounds like Nate has pretty healthy dietary preference. Does it evolve?

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