Ruby at 1.5 years

Ruby had her 1.5 year checkup last Wednesday. Her height measured out to be 30.75 inches, probably about 25 percentile. Her weighing was clearly wrong, so I’ll assume it’s about 23 pounds which is what we usually get on our bathroom scale these days- also about 25 percentile.

Seems that I’ve start noticing that Ruby is starting to understand what is appropriate and what isn’t. She’s starting to clean up after herself, and doesn’t go into drawers and make messes as often.

Earlier this week Illie gave Ruby a cup to drink from and she drank it all on her own without spilling. Ruby loved being able to drink from a cup independently – so she drank, drank, drank. Bye bye, sippy/straw cups (which is great, because I can’t find it).

Yesterday night Ruby demonstrated the ability to say every letter of the alphabet that we quizzed her on, except for ‘H’, ‘Q’, and ‘W’. (subject to a lot of adult interpretation, because she has a very strong toddler accent) She can make the ‘E’ sound now. Looks like she knows lowercases now, too.