We’re having another girl!

We found out on Dec 21st. The news of her gender accompanied a two week nightmare and tremendous stress, which essentially ruined our whole holiday season. Along with finding out her gender, the doctor also found an abnormality in the heart that indicated aortic stenosis. This means that she would not live a normal life and would have to go through multiple open heart surgeries. It was very tough to act normal with all the family and friends that we saw through the past two weeks.

We didn’t tell many people because it was early on and we had scheduled another ultrasound appointment with a pediatric cardiologist this morning because 2 more weeks of growth could give us more detail. To our huge relief he found no problems with her aortic valve, or anywhere else with her heart. There are some irregularities which indicated the conditions, but the actual problem doesn’t exist.

The stress of having to deal with a kid with serious health problems has now been happily replaced by the stress of thinking of a name.

5 thoughts on “We’re having another girl!”

  1. ah, i’m so glad that the second ultrasound by pedi cards was normal. 🙂 i went thru something similar with our kid during the so-called prenatal screening (ended up being more scare than helpful).

  2. what?!! how scary! i can’t believe you didn’t tell any of us! that’s so hard to have to go through by yourselves!

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