happy 2nd birthday ruby!

Today is Ruby’s 2nd birthday. Actually, in about 40 minutes. Has it been that quick? We had a small family gathering consisting of the four grandparents and Rosa. I think Ruby felt a bit intimidated with all the attention focused on her.

At this age her verbal abilities are starting to noticeably improve. She can recite numbers 1-10 in English and Taiwanese, and 1-20 in Mandarin. With almost every object in the books we read to her, we can call out the name in any of the three languages and she can point it out. Just recently she started being able to make two word sentences in Taiwanese, which is the main language she speaks. She’s recently started saying two word sentences in Taiwanese translating to, “Ruby will do it”, “hold me mom”, “do it dad”, “Ruby get it”, “Mama get it”, “Mama’s blanket”, “bye bye ” and “I want”. She’s also improved a lot at repeating words that adults say.

She can also recite the words of at least five Chinese songs in their entirety – though she can’t carry a tune yet. Yesterday she randomly started “singing” a children’s song about glorious it is to be soldier and Taiwan taking over the mainland by force. We hate that song, but Ruby likes it. Silly KMT.

I barely have any time to blog any more. Besides work being very consuming since this beginning of this year, I come home and Ruby demands a lot of attention since she doesn’t have TV to distract her. I don’t have much time for anything else. Oftentimes I’m cooking dinner and Ruby will ask me to hold her. “Bao bao!!” Brings back vivid memories of when I was Ruby’s age and I’d go up to my mom cooking in the kitchen and say “poh-a-poh!” so she’d carry me. So, just like my mom about 32 years ago, I’m carrying Ruby with one arm while cooking with the other arm. I remember my mom putting me down because her arm got tired. Unless I’m using both, my arms gets tired too. But it’s kind of a precious feeling, I remember the comfort that I felt from my mom carrying me, so those memories come back when I’m holding Ruby. Except that I wasn’t as fidgety as Ruby is. As my mom says, one day Ruby will no longer want me to carry her, so I have to treasure this time I have now. I try my best.

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  1. Aww. Happy birthday, Ruby! (And I have learned the value of saying, “Mama needs two hands,” while cooking: I pick up my child to let her see what I’m doing, give her a little time, then put her down again. Mine says “Uppie!” which we think is for “Up, please.”)

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