Baby Wu, born 5/5 11:45am

On Friday I stayed at work especially late to finish laying down a big piece of the foundation for a ~half million dollar project – if I had not finished this it would have probably taken someone else probably ten times longer. It was done “just in case”. Happened to be the right thing to do.

Illie woke up on Saturday morning at 4am with regular contractions. She woke me up at 5am, and we were both relatively well rested. I spent about half an hour firing off emails to prepare my coworkers for my absence. We called my mom to come over to take care or Ruby, and we checked into the hospital at about 6:30am, literally without any birth plan. In the first examination Illie was 5 cm dilated, and progression looked great. Once she got the IV attached, the contractions slowed down, so we started the lowest dose of pitosin. We both refused to watch TV or surf the internet, and labor didn’t seem to progress and we were getting really bored.

After about an hour the contractions shortened to about 2.5 – 3 minutes and it quickly got to the point where Illie decided to get an epidural. The nurse said she needed two bags of IV fluid before the epidural could start. During one particularly painful contraction Illie said that she needed to push the baby out. Since she was about halfway into the second IV bag, we knew that the baby would be delivered without any anesthesia. We were unprepared for this – we didn’t seriously consider this to be a possible scenario.

The rest was somewhat like what would come out of a movie or a TV show. It was a bit scary and amazing at the same time. During the contractions and the pushing, Illie squeezed my hand, hugged me really hard, and had a huge urge to bite me. She went from 5cm to 10cm within minutes. The doctor literally arrived a minute before the baby popped out. Illie was a warrior.

NICU was called in because the monitor showed that the baby’s heart rate was at about 60bpm. I think it was a monitor problem though. The baby got apgars of 9 and 9. Weight at 6 pounds even, 19 inches height.

There are no post-partem complications and everything looks normal so far. Hopefully we can get a discharge tomorrow.

At first glance she looked a lot like Ruby. This morning, a bit less so. She seems more mellow than Ruby. And fortunately, she latches a lot more easily. This morning she’s able to latch within a minute without my or nurse help, whereas at this point with Ruby it took about 15-20 mins to latch with the help of post-partem nurses and lactation consultants. We’re very happy about this.

We still don’t officially have a name yet. I have a name that I like and Illie doesn’t have any names. I want Illie to choose and she wants me to choose. We’re at an impasse and we’re still procrastinating.

3 thoughts on “Baby Wu, born 5/5 11:45am”

  1. Yay! And yay for easier latching, though I bet it’s also partly that Ruby helped to shape things. 😛
    How long are you allowed to procrastinate, legally speaking?

  2. at the hospital we heard two weeks. But then we were told that we needed a name on Monday (2 days). We went with Livi – that’s the name that I liked, but Illie was ambivalent about it. Since Illie didn’t have a name that she really liked, we went with it.

    Livi Ya-Hsing Yan 🙂

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