Ruby and Livi!

We named her Livi. This was a name that I liked, and Illie couldn’t think of another name. It comes from the name “Olivia”, but we are not using that name at all. I liked the name because to me, her birth is a celebration of life and health and “Livi” sounds like “life” or “living”. At one point we were a bit depressed thinking that she would have a major heart defect. She had her post-birth echo to confirm that she is healthy, and after that December/January experience, her health is something we can’t take for granted.

Today Livi is 6 days old. She’s starting to get a bit of neck control, and has been crying at the same time (~midnight) every night. Colic already? I thought it would be way too early for this. I gave her some gripe water last night and it calmed her down. We’ll see about tomorrow night. Otherwise Livi is super easy and mellow. It doesn’t take much to calm her down when she’s crying, and her ability to breastfeed at about 4-5 days of age matched Ruby’s ability at about 1.5 months. Feedings take about 10-15 minutes, as opposed to 40 minutes with Ruby (including latching time). At yesterday’s 5 day checkup, she weighed in at a couple ounces less than birthweight, so she lost a lot less than Ruby did.

Livi seems to have a very mellow demeanor. So far she’s tons easier than Ruby at the same age. Besides the midnight crying, she doesn’t really cry much otherwise. And when she does, it doesn’t take as much to calm her down. We haven’t used any white noise at all, and to get her to fall asleep, all it really takes is a walk around the kitchen, maybe two laps at the most. And she’s so much easier to breastfeed, she’s at around the level Ruby was when she was 1.5 months old.

Ruby has not shown any signs of jealousy at all. In fact, she’s very curious and interested in her little sister. She’s continually repeated about how the baby is either crying (“baby 哭”) or sleeping. After being with Livi for the first couple days suddenly Ruby seems like a really old, mature kid, as opposed to the impression I get of Ruby as the youngest and shortest one in the sandbox. And she’s always silly and mischievous.

Ruby’s singing has started to carry a semblance of a tune. She’s also started to actually count, instead of just reciting numbers to 10. She’s also started to translate words from language to language, and I think she understands the separation between the different languages, though she may be confusing Taiwanese and Mandarin sometimes. I had to take down one wall of her crib because she began taking the books from the table and using them as a step to get out of her crib. So now we’re trying to get her to sleep in an open bed like a big girl.

Games these days: Ruby likes me to crouch face down so she can climb on my back, and then I get on my knees so she can jump off. She also likes upside-down.

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