End of June checkpoint

Livi is halfway through her 4th trimester. She’s still a pretty mellow kid, oftentimes we’re distracted with Ruby and we don’t even remember that Livi is around. We tried bottlefeeding her at one month so she can be fed when Illie goes back to work, but unfortunately Livi is just as difficult with the bottle as Ruby was, if not more. She is no longer nocturnal, and sleeps at night with the exception of her feedings. She does not consume as much milk and is not gaining weight as fast as Ruby did.

Ruby’s language skills are picking up – in fact she already knows words in Mandarin that I don’t know. About a month ago we realized that she is now truly bilingual – not only does she reply in the language she is spoken to, but she can also translate words from one language to another. She knows words that we had no idea she knew – especially in English, since her Mandarin is better than her English. Now we are very purposeful in reinforcing the bilingualism by teaching her words in the different languages and telling her which word is in which language. There are no signs of her confusing a western language with an eastern language. At home she mixes a lot of Taiwanese and Mandarin.

Ruby is now officially potty trained. No more diapers.

Work has been pretty stressful these days, especially at the beginning of this year. After an huge re-org last December, I got moved into the lead developer position with a team that was gutted and replaced with green offshore developers that had to be trained from scratch. When the other onshore developer besides me took about a month of disability, with me really only one with any knowledge of our applications supporting 6 simultaneous projects, including writing a new web app from scratch. It was unreasonably insane and by late April I was close to moving on. When a spectacularly awesome onshore lead finally moved onto our team in April and the offshore developers were more properly trained, while work is still stressful, it has become manageable.