End of July

Pretty much ever since my bike accident last August or so, I’ve lost a good amount of fitness and haven’t been able to make it up. Running-wise, I’m about 40 seconds per mile slower than I was pre-accident.My long run has not exceeded 10 miles for a very long time. I’ve gained about 5-10 pounds and this has essentially become my new norm for weight. It’s all a bit frustrating but I think I’m starting to psychologically adjust to my new paces and train accordingly. Especially these days, having two kids makes it practically impossible to train the way I’d like.

These days, Ruby’s development has been almost completely verbal. She’ll oftentimes repeat what we say several times. Her Chinese and Taiwanese has gotten to the point where she can communicate to us about practically everything she wants. Her English is mostly composed of single vocabulary words, though we’ve taught her to count in English, since she’ll be doing math in English in the future. Two funny things have transpired from her improving verbal skills:

  • One time at the park she heard my mom call my dad by his name. She repeated it, “Rosano”, and they thought it was hilarious, and then said “Bye Rosano” as he was leaving the park. Since then he’s continuously encouraged her to call him “Rosano.” Today as my mom was leaving our house, Ruby asked to see “Rosano.” My dad
    would get a kick out of it.
  • Ruby has completely taken a liking to William’s mom, ever since she visited several months ago. She visited again last week just to see us, and Ruby started interacting with her. Knowing that William’s/Ed’s mom doesn’t speak Chinese/Taiwanese, Ruby started pretending to speak English and made up words. It had English inflections and sounds, but it was just gibberish. She started reading to William’s mom in this gibberish language, and then started dancing and speaking. Nobody knew what she was talking about. It went on for about half an hour. It was hilarious.

Livi has been an exceptionally easy baby except for the feeding. She has thrush just like Ruby at the same age, except the thrush has made feeding painful for her. Livi hasn’t gained as much weight as Ruby did at the same age. We started Illie and Livi on the medication and it’s become a bit better, but the feeding is still very difficult. And Livi is still much harder than Ruby with the bottle. Beyond that, Livi almost never cries. She’ll cry out, but doesn’t sustain a cry. She started sleeping through the night a bit after she turned two months. At this point her night-time sleep practically always lasts over 6 hours. Also, for awhile now she’s started responding to and following faces. It’s very easy to get her to smile now.