Running with Mike

Every morning when I drive to work, I leave at the same time. For about two years, I drive by an elderly runner in around the same area in most mornings. I started waving hi to him and he would wave back. He goes a maintainable easy pace, with a quick cadence. Yesterday it rained for the first time in a long time, and I saw him running with an umbrella. What dedication!

I had a training class for today so I was able to leave to work later than I usually do. I decided to take off and run his path and meet up with him. I caught up to him near his turnaround point. I found out that he does two-a-days, to about 10 miles a day. He’s retired from the aerospace industry for four years, and has a son in his twenties who’s a urologist. He loves to run and stay fit. He gave me advice on not spoiling my kids. He knows a lot of residents in the neighborhood. And when we ran by my parents’ house, he thought my mom drove a red corvette. No, that’s my silly aunt who’s always visiting.

Mike is living my dream retirement life.