january 2013 ruby and livi

the day I wrote my last blog entry, livi’s eating actually improved remarkably. She finally recovered from a flu and started eating a lot faster without vomiting. Feeding her is still arduous but is now taking about 30-40 minutes. This week we increased each of her feedings from 4 fluid ounces to 4.5 fluid ounces. Illie has completely given up on breastfeeding at night so now it’s just pumping and squirting.

Livi is showing clear signs of wanting to crawl. She doesn’t have it yet though. She can go backwards. I don’t think she’s going to bear crawl the way Ruby did.

Ruby’s entered the phase of asking lots of questions. She repeats questions a lot too. Before she could speak she would just love to grab our fingers and point to something in a book for us as a non-verbal way of asking “what is this?” Now, it’ just a verbal “what is this” all the time. Or, “What is dad doing? What is mom doing? What is little sister doing?” I love the curiosity she’s displaying and I hope she continues to be curious about the world for the rest of her life.

It’s already gotten to the point where our Taiwanese and Chinese is insufficient to answer Ruby’s questions.

“What is this?” pointing to a tag of a stuffed animal. Well, I really don’t know how to say “tag” in Chinese or Taiwanese, I can somewhat describe to her what it is but I feel really inadequate here. I suppose I’ll describe to her what it is in Taiwanese and give her the English word?? I feel like I can’t do her curiosity justice unless I truly speak English. Right now that would just be weird.

At about 2.75 years of age, Ruby’s Chinese has become better than mine and Illie’s. Just an hour ago she pointed at a puzzle and asked me what it was. I gave her the wrong word in Chinese and she corrected me. Now, she’s already effectively switching between Taiwanese and Chinese depending on who she’s talking with. I suppose a lot of parents love it when they can provide something to their children that they didn’t have – for me and Illie, we’re glad that she can comfortable with the most commonly spoken language in the world.