Bye 2012!

At year’s end, things are pretty busy. Besides work being pretty consuming, the kids keep up pretty busy.

This late-fall/early winter flu season has hit us pretty hard. I was dealing with the flu for practically a whole month and only missed one and a half days of work, and the kids have pretty much been sick for the last two months.

Livi’s feeding has been taking a toll on us. Lately, each of her feedings have been taking about 1.5 hours, 4 times a day just to meet her minimum daily nutritional needs. Sometimes we take two hours for a feed, with a lot of burping in between every half ounce. Oftentimes it’s not just one person feeding her, but two. So her feedings could cumulatively consume 8 hours of adult time over the course of a day. There were two weekends in December where the feedings were especially time-consuming and frustrating, because she would throw up about an hour’s investment in feeding multiple times a day, and we would have to make it up. She gets bored sitting in the bouncer for so long during the feedings and we have to continually come up with new ways to entertain her during the feedings. Illie just recently gave up breast-feeding Livi during the night because she just doesn’t suck enough to make it worthwhile.

We wanted to plan a movie date for The Hobbit when it came out, but despite having help from the grandmothers and after hours of planning and trying to figure out logistics, we just gave up. Illie doesn’t have that chunk of time to take off between breast milk pumping sessions.

Livi is showing signs of starting to crawl. She just recently started crawling backwards. I think she’d be crawling normally by now if she ate normally and spent more time on the floor, but right now, almost all of her waking time is spend in a feeding position or being held upright so that she won’t throw up. There are some days where she doesn’t spend any time on the floor.

Ruby has taken to some kdrama OST songs that Illie likes to play. She asks for some of them to be played repeatedly and then tries to sing some of them, complete with the Korean lyrics. It’s pretty adorable. She’s starting to sing songs in the right pitch, so now we know she’s not tone deaf.

Her sleeping schedule is tough to figure out. If she were a D&D character, I’d definitely not categorize her has Lawful – perhaps True Neutral or Neutral Good. Can’t get her to nap when she needs to. When she doesn’t nap enough she definitely turns either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. And when she takes a daytime nap, she may be out for 4 hours. When we try to control her napping, she doesn’t get enough sleep during the day and gets cranky. Seems her circadian rhythm would operate more normally on a 27 hour day.

Ruby’s toilet training has progressed on its own. While she’s been truly toilet trained for her pooing, her peeing has been pretty behind and before we’d have to regularly take her to the toilet otherwise she will constantly slightly moisten her underwear. Now it seems she is holding her pee in a lot longer, and she won’t have any accidents throughout the day, though we don’t experience her coming to us telling us that she has to pee.

The winter holiday season brought about 50 visitors through our door over a span of a week. We love to host get-togethers – there were many we haven’t seen for years, but in many of these situations it’s really impossible to spend quality time and catch up in a substantial way with many of our visitors.