Two Plants

I have two plants that are kind of special to me. Today I finally took them out of a put and planted them in the planter in our back yard. I hope they will survive.

The first plant is a spider plant. This one is either the child or the grandchild of the original spider plant that I got my freshman year at Williams. That’s about 16 years ago. I consider it still exactly the same plant. Over the years when I was gone, either the secretary of Williams Computer Science department took care of it for me, or Rosa.

The second plant is actually two paperwhites that sprouted from bulbs. I got the bulbs from a apartment resident gift at Presidential Towers in 2005, and I planted them and was too lazy to throw out the pot when it died out during the spring. I saw it sprout back the next winter, and after that I’ve been taking care of it and enjoying it come alive every winter. I wouldn’t be surprised that, during that whole giveaway, my paperwhites are the only two surviving plants.