Mostly a list of links that I’ve accumulated or require – more for me than anyone who visits my site.


Java J2EE 1.4 Library API
Java J2SE 1.4.2 Library API
Java PDF Output Library API (IText)

Apache Ant
Ant-Contrib Tasks

NetBeans Reference
LZ78 Compression



Flash Actionscript tutorial
On Optimizing Actionscript code
Macromedia Reference
Artificial Colors – for Flash trace output


Microsoft SQL Server SQL Reference
JBoss Tag descriptor reference
PHP Reference

Web Development

Javascript Reference
Stock Image Gallery
Summary of Digital Certificates
Examples of CSS
Color Code Combination Javascript tool
Positioning using CSS

Ajax Tutorial
Dojo Toolkit
Ajax Tutorial
Reference to functions for XSLT


Linux DistroWatch
Wiki for ubuntu

Some stuff I have written…

    I sometimes get a bout of inspiration and write some silly script of program just for the heck of it. Some of my friends have expressed curiosity at these programs and so I’m providing them online here. No copyright, no preference for credit, and no responsibility if any of these blow up your computer.

I got sick of manually photoshopping my images for compression and thumbnails and manually SCP’ing them onto my server, so I wrote this php script that allowed me to automate this easily via a webpage. Best to protect this script with basic auth.
A java console-based program I threw together in a couple hours so that Illie could use it to quiz herself on a computer. If you actually want to use this let me know and I’ll send you a test input file that this program reads.
I don’t see why this isn’t part of the standard j2se API, since I require a map that takes returns a value based on multiple keys. It’s intentionally incomplete, but it’s a good starting point to be extended in different ways. It would be nice if the language designers figured out some way for Java 5 allowed the parameterization of varargs.

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