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    I know that when I visit other peoples’ pages, I often go to their links section. Not because I’m looking for other new and interesting web pages to look at, but because I always believe that a good way to understand somebody is to understand what kind of web pages he/she often looks at. So here are mine…


The Illie and Robin Wedding Page!

Information for my wedding.

The Yen family tree.
Actually, we’re really all Lu’s. Email me for the login/pw.

a hellhole
Yes, I graduated from this place and I’ll always remember it as a hellhole.

Los Alamitos High School

My high school alma mater
Williams College
Another alma-mater.
Brown University

My most recent alma-mater.

Plexus Scientific Corporation
This is where I work. I’m a java developer for Visual Performance Suite

Inside Hoops
Great resource for the basketball fan within me.

Eat Vegetarian

Great information on vegetarianism and veganism.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Is vegetarianism healthy? This site, supported by MDs, explores health issues.
Information on the heinous crime of human trafficking.

The Hunger Site
Donate a couple second out of your life to do something important for those less fortunate. I can’t think of an excuse not to.

Energy Efficiency Solar
Energy Independence through solar rooftop systems — Check it out!

As an obligation as a closet nerd, I’m including this website. I browse it every so often ayway.

Free browser, mail reader, and newsgroup reader. These tools are not made for dot com advertisers and spammers, they’re made for the you, user.
Some of the most mainstream, free tools used and developed by the open source community. I’d especially recommend Open Office, a Microsoft Office-like suite of products with decent compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.


Compares and prices equivalent products from hundreds of vendors. Great for bargain-hunters. For those who are looking for less tecchy products, there is also Biz Rate.

The Detroit Project
This site exposes the real costs of our SUV driving habits. Very interesting and enlightening read.

A clock…

Somebody with mad javascript skills wrote this….
bay13 pics Great link for desktop wallpaper

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