Week 8.5 of pregnancy

It really only happened about a week ago, but Illie’s belly has started protruding out a little. She is actually starting to look pregnant. The nausea goes in and out.

We went and got the ultrasound today. vital statistics:

8 weeks, 4 days pregnant
19 mm from head to bottom
174 beats per minute, heart rate

The ultrasound technician spent a lot of time probing different parts of the uterus to make sure everything was normal, and everything is fine so far.

Unfortunately Illie couldn’t see the monitor as the probing was happening. From the live ultrasound movements to a static, two dimensional picture, a lot of information is lost. As the technician moved the probe I could see the arm/leg buds appearing into and disappearing from the view. It was fascinating, especially now that we finally have a very real glimpse of our little one.

At one point during the procedure, Illie started laughing and I could see the fetus bouncing up and down on the monitor. It responded by squirming around a little. It’s actually ours, and fully alive, becoming less of just a concept and more of a reality.

week 5 of pregnancy

According to several pregnancy websites, the fetus is about the size of a sesame seed. The organs are just starting to develop, and the fetus has emerged from being a “clump” of cells and into something the shape of a shrimp.

Our plans were actually to try to conceive after Illie got back from her Peru trip. We actually started somewhat late in Illie’s period during May, so really June was the first complete month of trying. We basically conceived during our first full month of serious trying.

Based on anecdotal stories from friends and family, we expected that the conception would happen much later – over the long haul. Needless to say, we were surprised.

For me, last week was emotionally tumultuous. On Monday, my coworker announced that his wife was 9 weeks pregnant. Not really thinking that we would be that lucky, suddenly the idea appeared on my radar – at that point Illie was two days late on her period. Tuesday, Wednesday passed … and at that point I started researching the certainty of pregnancy. Thursday was supposed to be the fifth day, and that day it was difficult to concentrate for anything. There was a feeling of trepidation, and the fear of the unknown, since it was pretty unexpected. Saturday came, and I bought Illie some prenatal vitamins and a pregnancy test. She took the test and it came out positive.

It’s been about a week, and the emotional high still hasn’t subsided. Being a prospective father is pretty exciting. I can’t believe that a tiny clump of cells resembling a sesame seed can instill these many emotions in me. As time passes, I feel more mentally prepared and become more and more excited.