Wedding FAQ

1) Why is your wedding on a Thursday?

We had originally planned to have the wedding on a later date, at different ceremony and reception locations (on a Saturday!). However, after putting more thought into what we wanted out of our wedding, we decided to find a ceremony and reception site that would reflect us better as a couple. When we found Wayfarer's and La Venta, the only date available was on a Thursday, so Thursday it is! We knowthat date is inconvenient for some people, and thus, some of you will not be able to make the wedding - this we completely understand.

2) What food is going to be served at the wedding?

Because we are both vegetarian and this lifestyle choice is very important to us, we have decided that the menu served at the Thurday reception will be all vegetarian (with vegan options.) The Wednesday rehearsal dinner and the Friday banquet, will not be vegetarian. However, for those of you who are vegetarian, vegetarian options will be served on all nights.

3) Why is there another banquet on Friday after the Thursday wedding?

Both of us wanted a small, intimate wedding with only our closest friends and relatives. However, since many of our parents' good friends want to take part in celebrating our marriage, we decided to invite them to a post-wedding banquet on Friday.

4) Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Since we have many good friends getting married this upcoming summer, we will be attending their weddings instead of honeymooning. However, we are considering New Zealand as a future vacationing destination (because Illie is a Lord of the Rings fanatic, Robin is less so).